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Monday, March 27, 2006

And Speaking of Re-Reading...

Over at the BSC Headquarters, a woman who gives her location as "Stoneybrook, CT" is blogging her way through one of the formative series of my childhood.

Which club member was your favorite?

Claudia: she of the "almond-shaped eyes and creamy complexion," hoarding junk food in her bedroom and dreaming of becoming an artist
Stacy: the chic diabetic from New York with her perfectly fluffed blonde perm
Kristy: the tomboy jock with the millionaire stepfather and the big mouth
Mary Anne: the shy, bookish girl with the dead mother and the father who dresses her like she's six
Dawn: the crunchy granola California chick with long straight shiny blonde hair

And I guess there were a couple other girls added in later, but I never really cared much about them. They were, like, fifth graders or something.

I always wanted to be a Claudia, but sadly, I was a Mary Anne. However, it was this book from the series that convinced me that I might not die alone.

At least a third of all Babysitters Club books are devoted to describing outfits in excruciating detail, and this blog does not skimp on rehashes of the suspenders, squiggle pins, and lobster earrings. See here and here.

If you participated in the Pizza Hut Book It! program or owned Electric Youth (the perfume or the album), this blog is for you.

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