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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Because I Love Zombies

Today in The Morning New's Tournament of Books: ZOMBIE ROUND!

(wherein two previously eliminated books rise from the dead to compete in the finals)

I have been faithfully following this thing, despite the fact that I liked very few of the best books of 2005. Really, it's just been making me doubt myself.

What's wrong with me that the premise of The History of Love sounded like something I'd read before and hadn't liked then? That I only made it through 25 pages of Home Land before falling into a slightly annoyed coma? That I only liked Veronica and On Beauty about half as much as I'd hoped to? That my favorite book in the whole thing was by Neil Gaiman, and was eliminated in the first round?

Sigh. Apparently, I am lacking in good taste. Or what passes for good taste in Publishers Weekly.

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brady said...

...and because it is my braaaaaiiiiinnnn.