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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Making Some Changes

I am pleased to announce that Brady will be joining in the posting around here.

He's tired of writing his blog, and I'd like to update this one more frequently than I am able to on my own. Everybody wins.

But you, dear reader, are the biggest winner of all. Because not only is my mister a shrewd observer of things literary, he also reads all kinds of things that I don't.

Can't wait to see what he decides to write about first.


Gwen said...

If he ever writes about sociological theory on here, I will die.

I just want that out there for the record.

Brady said... nearly finished magnum opus review of The Dialectic of Enlightenment!!

I kid, I kid. I'm thinking of starting with a review of John Constantine: Hellblazer, or maybe Horrible Histories: Cruel Kings and Mean Queens, the latter of which may well be the single greatest bathroom book ever written. Did you know Queen Elizabeth was a biter as a child?