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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Giving Nancy Pearl a Run for Her Money

If you or someone you hold dear will be in the vacinity of downtown Los Angeles this Thursday, January 11, stop by the Central Library, and I will give you your very own pony.

However, if I have run out of ponies by the time you arrive, stick around anyway for "Morris and McCoy On Books," a new monthly book discussion group at Central Library co-hosted by yours truly.

This month, we'll be talking about reading resolutions for 2007, aka, how to read 52 books in a year without hating all incarnations of the written word by April. Lots of fun recommendations, everything from Pinsky to pulp fiction - come on down, it'll be magical.

Central Library - Meeting Room A
January 11, 2007
12:15-1 pm


Sally J. said...


Nancy's going to have to retire some day, right? I would love to be there, pony or no pony. But L.A. is a wee bit too far away.

I loved Alternative Atlanta, btw. Except for the syrupy Hollywood ending, which made me so mad I was tempted to expurgate it myself. Then I remembered it was a library book.


P.S. I joined the 21st Century and started my own blog:

Gwen said...

You are such a library superstar.

mary_m said...

Aw... thanks, y'all. I wish you could be there, too!

Sally, I agree about Alternative Atlanta, but you should have expected it... after all, there's all that kidney transplant stuff! :)