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Monday, February 05, 2007

A Little Off-Topic

And a day late, besides, but I ran 16 miles yesterday and was just too tired and sunburnt to post. Less than a month until the Los Angeles Marathon - woot!

Anyhow, leave it to the Bureau of the Census to nerd up the Super Bowl.

How cute is that?

And, should you ever find yourself trapped somewhere with an iPod, may I recommend Jim Dale's fine reading of the Harry Potter series? His performance is so captivating, it makes a 3-hour run seem like nuthin'.


Gwen said...

How do you find 3 hours to go running? You are a crazy person. I never noticed this when we lived together.

mary_m said...

I only have to do two more big runs -- 18 miles this weekend and 20 miles the next. Being able to do it at the beach makes it all much less unpleasant.