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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Women Who Run With the Elvis Impersonators

Today, I ran the Los Angeles Marathon. Now, I hurt everywhere. It took me 4 hours, 44 minutes, and 52 seconds. Also much to my surprise, I finished with the top 5000 runners (out of about 25,000), and was the 1100th woman to cross the finish line.

Mad props to Brady, coach extraordinaire, who got up early every weekend for the past 2 months to drive me to the beach for my long runs, and who always had a taco waiting for me at the end. And sometimes flowers.

These guys ran, too. And it was really hot outside, so my heart went out to them. I saw one of them around mile 15, and he had sweat clean through his jumpsuit.


Jennifer Fader said...

Congrats on the marathon!

I wanted to leave you this inquiry here since I didn't see your email address:


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Very best regards,


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Kjersti said...

Wow Mary. You've been publisher-spammed. And run with Elvis. I'm not sure which is more exciting for you, but congratulations on both.

jeremy said...

Congratulations on the marathon! (I don't have a book to urge you to promote, though.)

Brady said...

The secret to coaching an ubersuper marathon runner?

Bring a book.

Next on TBiFY! Books I read while Mary was running: The Neon Bible, Interaction Ritual Chains, Thunderball, The Big Knockover, The Hacker Ethic and the New Spirit of Capitalism, and more!

Stay tuned, gentle readers.

Gwen said...

Ok, I can TOTALLY get into reading books while other people run. Brady, I will be your marathon-coach partner any time you want.

Shannon Salmon, Teen Librarian said...

1100th!!!! I'm so impressed! So do you think you'd do it again?

mary_m said...

Thanks Shannon! Will I do another one? Uh... ask me in a few months.