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Thursday, October 02, 2008

No Doubt About It

Apparently, today is going to be a day where I write about everything except books.

I just heard that Lanny Frattare, the voice of the Pittsburgh Pirates for 33 years, is retiring.

Frattare is a big part of the reason I'm a baseball fan today, partly because I used to listen to him on the radio, and partly because he signed a baseball for me.

But mostly, it's because he was once very nice to my mom. I wrote that story down about a year ago, and you can read it here.


Comrade Dave said...

I think everybody always hears baseball in the voice of the broadcasters of their youth. Even today my friends back home and I will find ourselves describing the day's Tribe games using the dulcet tones of Herb Score who retired in '96.

Unfortunately that means that there are people out there who will always hear Hawk Harrleson...

mary_m said...

I was just reading up on the Hawk a little bit - he sounds interesting. Not the dulcet tones of Vin Scully, but definitely interesting.

Comrade Dave said...

Hawk is everything I hate in a broadcaster: an unapologetic homer; praising the team to no end when they're doing well and sulking like a child when they aren't. Sure, they're all homers to a degree; but when a broadcaster just seems to take his ball and go home when the team isn't playing well is unacceptable. He also has the most annoying catchphrases ever.

Seriously, he's at least 1/3 the reason why I hate the White Sox so much.

The word verification I had to type for this was "quakzuoa." I really want to find a way to use that in everyday conversation.