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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

It's ON!

Well, we were all thinking it - even my teenage cousins who've read all the Twilightbooks - but Steven King came right out and said it.


Now I'm just waiting for Meyer to make a snide remark about hackneyed "folksy" dialogue and then maybe Wordloaf or whatever it's called can sponsor a cage match or knife fight or something. Me? My money'd be on King, even after the van accident. He's got the background knowledge, clearly is not troubled by gore, and, I dunno, seems like he'd be handy with a pig-sticker.

Although, if we're being honest, King really isn't in a position to criticize anyone's writing of what he calls in the interview "the physical side" of writing. I mean, I've read IT - you ain't foolin' me on that one, Uncle Stevie.


Gwen said...

The comments to that interview are the best. "Oh, so Meyer isn't a good writer, huh? Well, DR. SEUSS wrote bad sentences, and people like HIM well enough!"

Hee hee.

Brady said...

The comments to that interview are a research project waiting to happen on, I dunno, "The New American Aesthetic".