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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Going to the Dark Side

Today, Potts and I purchased a new laptop, our first PC, which we promptly named Lappy (it's the Madison or Ethan of computer names). And this purchase made me imagine the following dialogue:

Mac: Hi, I'm a Mac.
PC: And I'm a Toshiba.
Mac: Bwwahhahahahaha!! (cough) I mean... um, really?
PC: That was really mean, Mac.
Mac: Sorry, it's just that, wow, that's really lame, being a Toshiba and all. Sorry.
PC: I'm an affordable option for civil servants and graduate students, which is more than can be said for you.
Mac: But can you make pretty pictures? Cuz I can make pretty pictures. And I'm hip and stuff.
PC: Can you download audiobooks and movies from the library?
Mac: No. But who wants to do that? Probably only weirdlingers.
PC: Can you do Rhapsody?
PC: Well, can you?
PC: Because Rhapsody is the single greatest contribution to the human race since penicillin, you know.
Mac: Vista sucks!
PC: That may be so, but Mary is willing to overlook it because she can now play that James tape that melted in her car in 1999, like, on demand.
Mac: They loved me first. They'll come back.
PC: Maybe when they're rich.
Mac and PC: Bwahhhahahahaha!
Mac: Good one, Toshiba.


Larry said...

Very funny. Toshibas rock.

Mr. Tecra

Gwen said...

My laptop is also named Lappy.

mary_m said...

I already believe that Lappy was a solid investment. The picture quality is great and it's so fast (two things that could NEVER be said for our circa 2001 iMac).

But Vista does really, really suck.

Tom Volscho said...

i have (my first ever brand new) thinkpad due in two weeks, but it does have vista and i will be glad to format the hdd when it arrives so I can go ahead and install OpenSuse on it

Brady said...

Opensuse...intriguing. I must scurry off to the internets....