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Sunday, June 17, 2007

On Good Dads

There's a thread going on over at Fark on "What's the most important thing your dad taught you?" And the answers are just depressing. Lots of answers like "Don't get her pregnant," "Don't trust anyone," and "Love is conditional." I guess there are lots of crappy dads out there.

But I have an exceptionally good dad. Here are a few of the important things he taught me:

1. Don't rule out the Star Trek guys. They have a lot of love to give, and are frequently adorable.
2. Once you factor in your time, it costs about the same amount of money to change your own oil as it does to pay someone else to do it. But you should still know how to do it yourself.
3. Work in the public sector so you don't have to worry about getting fired, getting health insurance, or retiring broke. Work sucks enough as it is.
4. Along those lines, the only reason to have a job is to have money to pay for the things you really like doing.
5. There's absolutely no reason why girls shouldn't play football at recess. And when you get a bloody nose, pinch and lean forward.
6. My father once hitchhiked 40 miles to give my mother a birthday cake. After being married to her for over 30 years, he still makes these kinds of grand, romantic gestures on a regular basis. They are always appreciated.
7. Be the kind of person who speaks rarely, but wisely. As DBT said, "Just cuz I don't run my mouth don't mean I've got nothin' to say."

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