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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Down a Not-So-Mean Street

In 1929, Raymond Chandler was Vice-President of the South Basin Oil Company, part of the Dabney Oil Syndicate (how's that for a band name), and living with his wife, Pearl at 1024 S. Highland. You can also check out their listing in the city directory.

The house is in a lovely little neighborhood called Longwood Highlands, just south of Olympic. While the neighborhood was developed in the 1920s, I'm not 100% sure this house is the actual building where the Chandler's lived. The L.A. County Assessor's Office has a listing for 1026 S. Highland, the other half of the duplex, which dates to 1947, but no listing for 1024. While I think it's likely that the house was simply hacked in two in 1947, it's possible that an entirely different building was there in 1929.

Larry, any ideas?


Larry said...

Nope, not really. The Times published a map in the 1970s locating Chandler's house in Silver Lake. I used to be able to find it but haven't been there in years.

mary_m said...

Yeah, I think they moved around a lot. Longwood Highlands is a pretty nice little neighborhood, though.

Joe Vogel said...

We must be looking at different reports from the Assessor. Mine, just fetched from ZIMAS, says that the building at 1024 Highland is a 2 story residential structure built in 1926. Also the other half of the duplex is given an address of 1022, not 1026.