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Friday, October 05, 2007

Heinlein Wuz Here

The Los Angeles Public Library recently made a selection of its city directories available online, so I got to poking around to see if I could find any listings for writerly types.

And the first bit of gold that I struck was none other than a listing for Robert Heinlein.

Heinlein moved to California in the early 1930s, and pursued graduate studies in physics and mathematics at UCLA. He married his second wife, Leslyn, in 1932, got into real estate sales, and set up housekeeping at 905 N. La Jolla, where the couple lived in 1936. He was 29 at the time.

Within a year or so, the Heinleins moved to swankier digs in the Hills, and it was while struggling to make mortgage payments that Heinlein settled on the idea of writing science fiction to earn some extra cash.

I felt a little weird driving around Los Angeles today taking pictures of people's houses, but nobody told me to stop or anything. I like to think that maybe I was mistaken for a very incompetent private investigator.

More writers and their "before they were famous" houses to follow. Potts and I are off to the mountains tomorrow for a bit of hiking, stargazing, and lollygagging around the fire pit. Hope y'all have a lovely weekend.


Leah said...

the mountains are calling...

mary_m said...

I want it to be tomorrow already!

Larry said...

From the 1947 project on Heinlein:

Brady said...

So, clearly, that door? It's the door into summer.

Heinlein was an odd duck, to be sure, but he did grok cats.