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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Pennsylvania Bound

Potts and I are abandoning Los Angeles, and the blog, for the next week as we venture east to see the family.

While packing, we suddenly remembered that summer afternoon in Madison, WI when we donated all our sweaters to the Salvation Army while laughing maniacally and dancing to the theme song from The O.C..

Kinda wish I still had some of those sweaters now.


Comrade Dave said...

Welcome to the deep freeze!

Gwen said...

When packing for Oklahoma I had a similar feeling about the day last May when I packed up all my sweaters and took them to a thrift store in Utah.

Maybe should have kept a couple.

Rebecca said...

This is why Erik will never, ever get rid of the long johns -- or as he calls them, the giant cuerca (underpants) -- that I bought for him when we lived in Austin. He's probably the only person in Hawaii besides the astronomers on top of Mauna Kea who owns a pair!
Have a good trip to PA and Happy 2008!

Gwen said...

Did you die?

mary_m said...

No, no, I'm not dead. In fact, I'm just about to catch up on some much overdue posting.

The flu kicked my carcass soundly, but now, I have my codeine cough syrup and all is right with the world.