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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Foobpocalypse Now

Well gag me with a hockey stick, folks, the "Fall of Elizabeth Patterson" just hit its nadir: the proposal we obsessive comic strip fans knew was coming and dreaded like ALF: The Movie has come to pass.

Proving once again how very wrong it was for her to move out of her hometown - nay, her parent's neighborhood - and date strangers, Liz and her high school boyfriend/sometimes mustachioed accountant have decided to "be engaged" in what must be the least romantic proposal to hit the comics since Andy Capp popped the question in a drunken dust-up with his soon-to-be long-suffering enabler.

This merely completes the downward slide that started when she left her teaching job in Canada's northern hinterlands, so it shouldn't really be a surprise for those of us - sad souls, all - who've been following For Better or For Worse lately. (I mean, they've already started drawing her to look like her brother, the "novelist".)

Still, I'd so hoped there'd be a late-in-the-game plot twist. But, alas.

You're dead to me now, Lizardbreath.

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