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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Before & After

In the spirit of our favorite Jeopardy! category, I offer you the following children of Mary's weird brain and my love of Photoshop.

Clue: Plucky young sex columnist moves to Chicago, shacks up with older man. She sleeps around and gets famous; he dies.

Question: What is Sister Carrie Bradshaw?


Clue: Conniving but fabulous Inuit trophy wife sneaks off on a yacht with her previous husband, only to be shipwrecked on the Tundra - and then led home by a taciturn kid from Juneau who was raised by Arctic wolves.

Question: Who is Julie Cooper of the Wolves?


Clue: Open war breaks out in the streets of Baltimore between two factions of the largest East Side drug ring. The cool, calm, and business oriented former second-in-command emerges the victor.

Question: What is For Whom the (Stringer) Bell Tolls

And of course, please post your own in the comments.


mary_m said...

I'm trying to remember all my crappy ones that didn't make the PhotoShop cut. Let's see:

Glengarry Glen Ross Gellar

A Rose for Emily Gilmore

The Picture of John "J.D." Dorian Grey's Anatomy

Okay, that last one's a mouthful.

Gwen said...

Julie Cooper of the Wolves? That is PURE GENIUS, my friends.

I like the John "J.D." Dorian Grey's Anatomy one. That's awesome.

mary_m said...
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mary_m said...

Thanks Gwen!

I was so proud of our creative efforts that my feelings were actually a little hurt when nobody commented on them yesterday.

Which is totally embarrassing to admit.

Julie said...

Mary, your comment on my blog about these got caught in the spam trap and I just found it. These are hilarious! Have you seen this site, by the way? :D