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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Historic Homes of L.A. Writers: Ray Bradbury

I've called previous posts of this nature "Homes of Historic L.A. Writers," but since Mr. Bradbury is still writing, and still living in Los Angeles, I had to switch it up a bit.

In 1938, Leonard, Esther, and 18-year-old Ray Bradbury lived in this lovely home at 1619 S. St. Andrews Place.

Young Ray was a bit of a homebody, and was still living with his parents in 1942 when they moved to a house at 3054 W. 12th St., just a few blocks away.

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Nadar said...

RE: Ray Bradbury 1940s residence

I like researching writers residence, past & present.

I noticed you did not put a photo of 3054-1/2 West 12th Street, Los Angeles, CA. I was having difficulty finding out the exact house, so I went out there yesterday. I had another source, so I knew for sure it was 12th Street, not 12th Place.

Results: [Built 1923: Front house is a duplex: 3052 & 3054; back house is 3052-1/2 (1st floor) & 3054-1/2 (2nd floor); Ray lived in the back house, 2nd floor with Leonard, Sr (dad), Esther (mom) & Leonard, Jr. (brother)]