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Monday, April 14, 2008

Calling All Library-Loving Angelenos

The Los Angeles Public Library has been hit hard by the City budget shortfalls, and already, approximately $2 million has been cut from the budget for new materials. Additionally, the Board of Library Commissioners recently approved new fees for basic library services.

Starting July 1, LAPL users will be charged $1 for inter-branch loan requests. In a city the size of Los Angeles, the holds service is the only thing that makes the amazing resources of the library system accessible to everyone.

You can help by writing a letter to Mayor Villaraigosa, the Board of Library Commissioners, and City Librarian Fontayne Holmes asking them to keep library use free for the people of Los Angeles.

If this system isn't free, many people in Los Angeles will be unable to afford access to the library books they need.

And if you'd like to do more than just write a letter, you can submit suggestions to raise money for the library without taking free services away from those who need them most.

Visit the Save the L.A. Public Library website for more ideas about how you can help.


Nathan said...

wow. that building is a crazy moor-ish/modernist compound.

mary_m said...

Back in the early 1920s, the architect submitted plans for a perfectly normal-looking building, and the city planners said, "What do you think we are, a bunch of Wild West yokels? Give us a building that looks like you tried!" And he came up with this.

I'm sort of glad it worked out that way.