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Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Love Hamlet in the Springtime, I Love Gabriel Garcia Marquez in the Fall

One of my quirkier reading habits is that I enjoy re-reading certain books during certain seasons. 100 Years of Solitude is a fall book, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is for spring, and I like to pick up some Ann Patchett books in the summertime. Charles Baxter's The Feast of Love is another summer book, and I usually get a hankering for Tim Gautreaux in the winter.

But my favorite seasonal read is Hamlet, which I weirdly associate with springtime. Or perhaps not so weirdly. In high school Brit Lit, Macbeth was the winter Shakespeare, and Hamlet came around in March.

A few years later, when I found myself teaching 12th grade English at the ripe old age of 22, I held to the pattern. I had so much fun teaching Hamlet that year that now, it always makes me think of spring.*

Does anyone else do the "a book for all seasons" thing?
*One of my most vivid memories of teaching it was holding a press conference from Elsinore, where I had a few students play the roles of the principal characters, and the rest pretended to be the paparazzi. Good times at Wooddale High.

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EGant said...

For me I have authors for certain seasons. J.D. Salinger must be read in the fall (especially if you're living in NYC). Graham Greene must be read in the winter; you won't get that same sense of melancholy from his stories if you're reading it on a bright, summer day.