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Monday, April 14, 2008

Everette Maddox Website Returns!

The Poetry of Everette Maddox, an online reference to the life and work of New Orleans's eternal poet laureate is back up and running.

The site includes the complete text of hard to find Maddox poems from the increasingly rare and pricey Everette Maddox Song Book, as well as his later titles.

Even more exciting are the audio files of interviews and poetry readings, tribute poems, letters, and a good bit more.

Three cheers to Tom Woolf for compiling this truly awesome site. And to those of you who wonder why we never shut up about Maddox here, you can finally see for yourself.

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Mark Folse said...

It was down again, and I hunted down Mr. Woolf's email and he has got it back up as of the first of the year (2009). Hallefuckinglujah.

I have been capturing some poems onto a blog,, while it was down and I'm going to leave it up for now since it's got one of the highest Google ranks for searching Everette Maddox, with a prominent link to