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Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Baseball Top 10 and Bottom 5

We here at the blog have been attending Dodgers games like mad this month, thanks to a massive sale on tickets. Seats that would ordinarily cost $30 were going for $6, so we took advantage. Baseball on tv is okay, but there's something about going in person... mostly good and a few bad.

Favorite things about baseball games:

1. Heckling
2. Base stealing
3. the Kiss Cam
4. Double plays
5. Dodger Dogs
6. Hero/villain players (the Nomar Garciaparra/Andruw Jones effect)
7. Watching pitchers bat
8. Odd facts learned about players on the Jumbotron (did you know that Paul Hoover is fluent in American Sign Language?)
9. High-fiving strangers
10. singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" as loud and off-key as I can

Least favorite things about baseball games:

1. the Wave
2. People who get up in the middle of every inning to get food
3. Walks
4. Foul balls
(#3 and #4 tend to lead to increased instances of #1 and #2)
5. When the person who sings the National Anthem goes for the extra high note on "land of the free"


Anonymous said...

Nomar Garciaparra as a hero???????

mary_m said...

Oh, everybody loves Nomar -- people wear jerseys with his name on the back and go nutbars when he's at bat.

I have no idea whether he's some sort of role model or upstanding figure or whatever, but he's very popular with fans, and hence, a "hero" of the team.

Same thing goes for Russell Martin, Jeff Kent, Takashi Saito, etc.

Bob Timmermann said...

Nomar Garciaparra is one of the few Dodgers who is both a local and he's Latino. And he's also very active in the community. And he's married to Mia Hamm.

And his name is cool to say.

mary_m said...

His name is truly cool.

Anonymous said...

But he has been an albatross for the Dodgers and has been basically stealing money for the last few years.

Comrade Dave said...

I'm on board with everything but "watching pitchers bat." Sure, it's funny; but coming from an A.L. town I've never understood why someone would want to watch these clowns try to hit.

"Purer game" or not, it's just painful.

mary_m said...

I think the Dodgers have likelier albatrosses without dragging Nomar into it.

And Dave, you'd better not let Brady hear you talking like that. His feelings on the designated hitter are strong.

Comrade Dave said...

Oh, I'm sure he's aware of my sentiments on pitcher's hitting. If god meant them to bat, he wouldn't have made most of them swing like me (Sabathia and Zambrano excepted).

That said, you guys have been to more games in the last week than I've seen all year; so I'd settle for a few wasted at-bats at this point. Brewers' tickets are hard to come by, if you can believe that.

Brady said...

The designated hitter helps turn what should be a game of strategy into a steroid-addled home run derby that does no one any good.

You know it, I know it, the baby Jesus knows it.

Comrade Dave said...

Ah, go watch soccer :-)

Bad news about Saito, eh?

Brady said...

Re: Takashi's arm....