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Monday, July 21, 2008

Eatin' Crow, Staying Positive

Going to veer from the stated Purpose-of-Blog for a sec:

The new Hold Steady album is so good it makes me feel bad about snotty things I may have said about the previous ones.

It is like a Midwestern Decoration Day.

Like Cameron's dad's car, it is so choice.

In short, it is eight thirty in the morning and I've already listened to it all the way through.


Nathan said...

I have a Meatloaf record you can have.

Brady said...

Dearest Nathan:

I realize that you're a parent now, and as such, short on sleep and wholly incapable of recognizing rock and roll in its natural habitat, but I at least thought you'd have some esprit de corps for a band full of Minnesotans.

You heathen.

Nathan said...

I have a Doobie Brothers record you can have.

Brady said...

Now you're just not making any sense at all.

Stephen said...

Bat Out of Hell actually kinda rules.