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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mad Men, Season 2, Episode 1: "For Those Who Think Young"

"I realized that watching Mad Men each week had become one of those rare delights, like watching The Simpsons from Season Two to Seven, or Lost in Season Four, where I approached each new episode the way I might approach a wrapped gift." - Noel Murray, The Onion's TV Club

Not only do I approach each new episode of Mad Men like a wrapped gift, I approach them like a book I've been looking forward to for a long time, and have finally laid hands on. It's like the way I feel when I find out there's a new Megan Abbott book coming out, except that it happens every week.

The end of summer has officially, and unthinkably, become the most wonderful time of the year.

Thoughts on the first episode of the new season:

1. If there isn't already one out there, some enterprising seamstress should start selling reproductions of anything Christina Hendricks wears on the show. They would make a killing, and I would be first in line.

2. Tonight, Brady bought a box of Junior Mints in honor of the Junior Account Executives on the show. I hope none of them are phased out in favor of hipper, younger fellows in fishermen's sweaters because I'd only just started to love Harry, Paul, and good ole Cosgrove.

3. And then, there's Pete Campbell, the Junior Account Executive who will never be loved by anyone except his wife, and even she's probably rethinking things. He is a low, nasty sort. Even before he told his wife to open the chocolates because he wanted one, I was, like, "You got your wife a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day? You incredible tool!"

4. That face Don Draper makes when Betty walks down the stairs of the Savoy for their Valentine's Day date: that is the face of a man who is doing penance, whether his wife knows it or not.

5. Oh, Miss Peggy Olson. You had a rough first year at Sterling Cooper, and I wish only good things for you now. And if you have to become a little bit of a monster to accomplish that, I absolve you completely.

6. Oh, Salvatore. That's not going to end well. Same goes for you, Joanie.


trish said...

My friend swears by this show and I have it on my DVR...maybe with promise of a great second season I'll start watching season one.

Jason said...

This is such a great show.

I find it amusing to imagine Potts on the receiving end of Don Draper's "research is bullshit" speech from the first episode of the first season.

The things I think about in my spare time.

mary_m said...

Ah, Don talks like he knows everything, but I have to go with the Duck Phillips take on things:

"You know, there's other ways to think of things than the way you think of them."

Brady said...

I spend most episodes alternately wanting to hang out with or strangle the ad guys, pretty much. (So, you know, it has to be pretty good; a few semesters of advertising students in my social psychology classes and I tend to want to strangle ad writers on principle.)

Nathan said...

Abby and I have started season one on dvd.

I'm constantly feeling terrible for the guys in the art department. They are always making these beautiful illustrations for the pitching process, only to have the ad fucks look at them for 3 seconds, say,"ah, not that concept", and then that drawing is never seen again.

must have been really depressing.

mary_m said...

Nathan, you're absolutely right. The art totally takes a backseat, and they act like Salvatore & Co. can just wiggle their noses and make more.

It must annoy the hell out of you.

mary_m said...
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Comrade Dave said...

I caught this show for the first time Wednesday morning. I spent the rest of the day reading the Season 1 synopses on AE's website.

looks like I'm adding another set of DVDs to my watch list...

Anonymous said...

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