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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Clapton Is Godawful

Here's a rock and roll memoir you probably never expected: Pattie "Layla" Boyd-Harrison-Clapton hits the shelves in a few weeks with Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me.

I don't expect anyone to come out of this book smelling like a rose, but my money's on Clapton for being the true stinker, having basically stolen George Harrison's wife. Granted, George didn't seem to get the whole "matrimony means no extra girlfriends" thing, but writing and recording a song about your best friend's wife is just tacky.*

The Daily Mail has an excerpt here. I especially like the part where Clapton tells her, "Run away with me or I'll start doing smack" and then spends the next three years on the nod.


* Also, "Layla" is kind of an overrated song, if ya ask me. Blah blah "got me on my knees" noodley-noodle, wanky-wank, LAYYYYYYYlla, piano outro and fin. It's no "London Calling" or "Born to Run" is all I'm sayin.


Comrade Dave said...


Long live The Hammer.

mary_m said...

A pox on Clapton! A pox on Bonds!

But Clapton's the bigger villain. His crimes against music outweigh Bonds's crimes against sport.

mary_m said...

And not to absolve Clapton of any wrongdoing, but Potts, you can "steal" a joke, a song, a guitar, or a car, but you can't "steal" someone's girlfriend.

Unless you hit her over the head and carry her off in a burlap sack or something.

Kjersti said...

One might not be able to "steal" a girlfriend, but one can be a manipulative prick and a creep in the attempt.

Comrade Dave said...

To clarify I am in no way supporting the Giants' Science Experiment. Hence the asterisk.

I know some good people from Hank's hometown (Mobile); and folks here in Wisconsin are downright depressed over this.

And Saduhara Oh STILL has more homers.

Never been much into Clapton.

Sally J. said...

"He complimented me on what I was wearing and the food I had cooked, and he said things he knew would make me laugh. Those were all things that George no longer did."

You listening, boys? While I have your attention, please note that cheating on your wife and then calling her paranoid for thinking you're cheating is sadistic. I would have left him, too.

Brady said...

So, in closing:

Bonds = *
Clapton = Skeevy.
Harrison = Boorish.

Ray Davies from the Kinks? Took a bullet in the leg defending a woman from a mugger. Clearly the classiest gent of the British Invasion.

Gorgo said...

"Layla" is way better than "Bored to Run (and rip off Phil Spector)."

Plus, Barry Bonds demonization by the media is only slightly less disgusting than their non-demonization of the current government.

Larry said...

All of this may be true--but I have to feel sympathy for anybody who lost a son as Clapton did.... Too tragic.