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Monday, August 06, 2007

Neil Gaiman Lurves Books, But Don't We All

Ah, YouTube. What would I do without you? (Work, probably.)

Check out this clip in which an audience member at Comic Con asks Neil Gaiman how he got his imagination, apparently hoping that Neil will let slip the source of his Secret Writer Mojo (tm), so that said audience member can also become a well-regarded writer of fantasy novels, comics, screenplays, etc.

Gaiman, of course, fails to give the guy a straight answer. But then again, everybody knows that the best way to take someone's powers and add them to your own is to pluck their heart out of their chest, like in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. (Omnumshibah!) So you can see why Neil might not want to broadcast that sort of thing.*

Don't forget, Stardust (based on an enjoyable, if somewhat twee Gaiman novel) opens up this weekend.

* You know, this was funnier in my head. As it is, it kind of reads a little weird. Ah well.

(Note to Mr. Gaiman's lawyers: I'm totally kidding about the whole "Temple of Doom" thing. Besides, if a few semesters of college Anthropology taught me anything, it's that shrinking heads is actually the best way to gain the powers of your foes.)


jeremy said...

I will never forgive Neil Gaiman for blurbing this book I read that I thought sucked. I've never read anything of his. I won't, either.

Brady said...

But what was the book?