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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Funny "Ha-Ha" or Funny "Soul-Crushing Anomie"?

I don't know if, like me, you've been glued to the newspaper comics section to watch as Funky Winkerbean continues its downward spiral into the depths of depression (comic-book guy), cancer (Lisa), alcoholism (Funky), hearing loss (Mr. Dinkle), land mines (Wally), and all around mopery. But if you haven't, today might be a good day to start, as Les has started hitting the bottle and now his cat is talking to him.

I guess it's to be expected, given that the strip has previously featured talking rocks and talking leaves, but if that cat starts hanging out outside of Lisa's room, well, I think we all know what happens next.


Ang said...

Good god. I thought Funky Winkerbean was light and airy. Guess not.

Brady said...

Yeah, Funky jumped off the light and airy bridge a while back. I'm waiting for the storyline in which the comic book store owner's obsession with the one-armed new band director culminates in his peering down into a hole in the back room of his shop, mumbling "It puts the lotion on its skin...".

Comrade Dave said...

It all started getting pretty heavy when Batiuk let the characters "grow up." I guess things are just lighter - teen pregnancies aside - when you're a perpetual high school student.

Brady said...

If you go to the FW web site, there's a video clip in which you can catch a glimpse of his characters after the next age-jump (which happens after to live on a farm upstate). Funky at 40 = the horror, the horror.