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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Literary Political Tickets

Following an interview with Barack Obama, Jeffrey Goldberg at the Atlantic writes:

Obama told me that his sensibility was partially shaped by the books of Philip Roth. This obviously has profound implications for American foreign policy, and for shiksas, as well.

And so, a reader contest. In a couple of pithy sentences, tell us what the first 100 days of a Roth-influenced Obama presidency would look like. I'll post the best responses. First prize is a piece of liver.

This leads me to ponder, what other literary pairings would make for interesting times in these United States?

The Junot Diaz/Chuck Klosterman ticket:

Most entertaining, profanity-laced State of the Union addresses ever.

The Anne Rice/Stephen King ticket:

A chicken in every pot, a hearse in every garage.

The James Ellroy/Bret Easton Ellis ticket: (Brady's suggestion)

Even Kim Jong-il would quake in mortal terror.

The J.D. Salinger/Thomas Pynchon ticket: (also Brady's)

A return to small government we can all enjoy. AKA, the Milford School ticket.

The Judy Blume/Cecil Castellucci ticket:

Actually, that would be kind of awesome.


Anne Rice said...

Ah, come on now. You can do better than that for Anne Rice. How about "a metaphysical argument in every paneled library" or "a forbidden embrace in every coffered bed." Seriously, thanks for the mention. I love being the most misunderstood author in America. Take care, Anne Rice.

Nathan said...

how about comics?

Chris Ware/Dan Clowes:
A national return to Isolationism

mary_m said...


Andi said...

Mmmm, my crush on Obama just intensified 10-fold. Rawwr!