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Monday, May 26, 2008

Seven Days....

Next Monday, the second incarnation of the Zombie Summer Reading Program begins. We've been browsing the shelves at our lovely (and now fully funded) local library, and have dug up some likely corpses to kick things off: the life and loves of a 1960s burlesque dancer, the Victorian criminal mind, and some very regrettable cookbooks, to name a few.

The Zombie Summer Reading Program has only two rules:

1. The book must be dusty, moldy, neglected, overlooked, and/or forgotten.
2. It must be written by someone you've never heard of.

The fun starts next Monday, and lasts all summer long.

"When there's no more room in closed stacks, the out-of-print will rise up and walk the earth."


Gwen said...

I take it this means your job is secure?

Gwen said...

The library being fully-funded, I mean.

Heather said...

Sounds like a fun challenge!

mary_m said...

Gwen: More or less - they're still kicking around the idea of short term layoffs (like 5-10 days), but honestly, I get so little vacation time anyway that I almost don't care.

Heather: It is - hope you'll join in!