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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Reason to Go to Claremont, CA

This summer at the Claremont Museum of Art, Vexing: Female Voices from East L.A. Punk:

Taking its name from the all-ages music club The Vex, once housed within East Los Angeles’ Self Help Graphics and Art, Vexing is an historical investigation of the women who were at the forefront of this movement of experimentation in music, art, culture and politics, while exploring their lasting legacies and contemporary practices.

I watched The Decline of Western Civilization tonight, which served only to remind me that the L.A. punk scene was 90% stupid and/or hate-mongering hacks. Fortunately, X and The Bags were in there (members from each are taking part in Vexing), ably representing the 10% that was awesome.


Andrew Clarke said...

If you like books in which justice is won, may I suggest a look at "Outcasts Of Skagaray". It was written for the abandoned children of the world. In this story, the rejected ones, the 'outcasts', are able to survive the cruelty of their society; a mother saves her child from those who want to murder her; and the evil is thrown down. If you want a free preview go to and check the sample chapters. Your opinion would be welcome. I think you will find this is NOT a crap book. I don't like them either.

TheBoss said...

But do you actually know where Claremont is? It involves driving.

mary_m said...

I *can* actually drive. But like Bartleby, I prefer not to.