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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Stuff

Various Bile:

I hate the indulgent smiles that the studio royalty give to the people who win stuff like Best Documentary Short Subject, like "look at her, so cute, making her cute little speech." This also applies to the "look at him, so funny, making his funny little speech with his funny little accent."

I'm also annoyed by pretty young actresses who can't read the nominees off a teleprompter without going to bits -- pull yourselves together, you get paid for this stuff.

Morbid Curiosity:

Brad Renfro was not included in the memoriam to industry folk who died during the year - I'm wondering why.

Lighter Notes:

That was so nice of John Stewart to get Marketa Irglova onstage so she could say her thank yous.

Why do I always find myself getting totally choked up at least once during the Oscars? At least this year I didn't wind up getting tipsy and practicing a teary-eyed acceptance speech in the bathroom mirror. So there's that.

I dearly want to see that lost Coen brothers gem, Henry Kissinger: Man on the Go.

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