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Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Bottle of Your Best $9 Champagne, Please

Step back to a simpler time when you could get an old fashioned and a lobster with drawn butter for about $3 and beautiful girls would dance for you while you ate, but not in a gross lunch buffet at the strip club kind of way.

I love historic menu collections. While San Francisco's has a prettier webpage, I must say the Los Angeles Public Library's is nothing to sneeze at. Check out the 1930s wine list from the Biltmore Hotel - stains included.


Larry said...

tsk tsk. It was never a simpler time. :)

mary_m said...

I defend my use of the phrase "simpler time" as an appropriately imprecise figure of speech!

When people use the phrase "it was a simpler time," they tend to be getting nostalgic about something that never existed.

For example, I suspect that I only like the idea of supper club dancing girls.

Larry said...

You are absolutely right... It's all about the nostalgia.... "simpler time" is one of my favorite pet peeves and I can hardly resist saying something whenever I encounter it.