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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Corporate America Must Die, but Probably Won't

So, last Thursday, a representative from the Evil Empire Cable Company comes knocking at our door during the dinner hour and presents us with an unpaid bill addressed to a woman who has never lived in our building.

Brady says, "Um, that's not us."

Evil Empire representative says, "Do you have cable?"

"Nope, not television. Just internet."


Five minutes later, we discover that Evil Empire representative has disconnected our internet. Whether this was done out of stupidity or spite, I couldn't say. Brady immediately calls Evil Empire customer service, and the representative schedules an appointment to have our internet service restored seven (7) days later.

Which they finally did today.

You might say, "Mary, switch your provider!" But that's the funniest part of all, because, you see, there is no other provider that offers service to my neighborhood (silent weeping).

I've had it. I'm totally moving to the woods and setting up a survivalist compound. Anybody wanna come?


Kjersti said...

Sadly, your survivalist compound – through no fault of yours – would probably have sketchy internet service too. Being in the woods and all.

mary_m said...

Addicted as I am, I have decided that in my survivalist compound, there will be no internet.

We will all kick the habit, and instead of looking at Go Fug Yourself and checking our email every five minutes, we will write novels and make scientific discoveries and bake things from scratch.

It will rule.

Larry said...

... a Starbucks nearby that has wifi. I could live with that.

Gwen said...

Like, he disconnected the internet that you are not behind in payments on or anything? You must have been so pissed. Are they taking a week off your bill? Were you able to have said representative chastised? I hate when corporations do crap like that, and there's absolutely no way you can get retribution without hurting yourself, too.

mary_m said...

Since it was their mistake, they are knocking the week off of our bill.

Maybe I'm being petty, but I still don't feel sufficiently compensated.