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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Comics Are Letting Me Down

I can't help but wonder if my days as a comics nerd are numbered.

Only a handful of issues remain in Brian K. Vaughan's Y: The Last Man.

She-Hulk never quite extricated itself from this summer's Civil War crossover. Now, it's like all the other mushed-up Marvel universe comics I don't want to read.

Powers lost me when they made Deena psychotic.

I haven't quite forgiven Robert Kirkman for writing a ghoulish rape scene into The Walking Dead, then being a dick when a reader called him out on it in the "Letter Hacks" section of Issue 32.*

And lately, Bill Willingham is on my list. I love Fables - lots of women do. I can only wonder if Willingham suddenly discovered that he was writing a "girl comic," and then immediately set about trying to alienate his female audience to toughen up the book or something. Check out the recent set of posts on Girls Read Comics (and They're Pissed) for more on this (plus, a fun game of "Anti-Comics Feminist Bingo).

I guess I still have Buffy, but it seems like the magic's gone between me and my funny books. Sniffle.
* The reader criticized Kirkman for having a strong, black, female character brutally raped by a white man (and yes, I agree with the reader on this one... it was unnecessary and a typically gratuitous comic book rape scene). Kirkman responded by saying things like, "I can't be held responsible for how black women have been treated in comics in general," "But when a white male is raped, I hope you're just as upset," and "Do you REALLY want every African-American character to be SAFE because I don't want to look like a racist?" Ugh.

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