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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

Good music is, of course, essential to a blogathon. In this, we are particularly lucky, as the Gulf Coast is full of good musicians. We've got a steady diet of Professor Longhair, the Meters, the Twilight Singers*, and a variety of other great jazz, blues, dixieland, and southern rock stacked up by the turntable, and as soon as the downstairs neighbors are up and about, I'm cranking up the new Jason Isbell record.

Notice I do not live on the Gulf Coast at the moment, and am thus making no claims as to "goodness".

Undaunted, as Mary mentioned below, I've dared myself to write (mostly) and record a quick little ditty today between posts. For this I have assembled:

2 guitars (electric)
1 dobro
1 lap steel
1 bass (electric)
1 snare drum
3 harmonicas (none in the correct key for this tune...dangit)
1 tape four track
1 microphone
a jumble of cords
a washboard
a mouth harp
a kazoo
a bunch of percussive stuff (hammers, boxes, etc)
a chintzy 80s keyboard

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got lyrics to write.

* The Twilight Singers were in the middle of recording their most recent full length when the hurricane hit New Orleans. Undaunted, they fired up the generators and kept going. That, friends, is rock and roll.

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Caleb Doheny said...

I am doing a paper bag artwork right now in your honor. Rock on!