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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Cool Blogathon People Doing Cool Blogathon Things

There are many nifty people doing Blogathon this year, many of whom are taking stunt blogging to new and terrifying heights. Here are a few I'm going to be following this Saturday:

Life Is RANTastic!: she's going to be raffling off lots of Elvis-themed paraphernalia and doing trivia contests for VH1 Save the Music

Potterthon 2007: a 24-hour nothing-but-Harry-Potter blog, featuring discussion on the movie, the book, and anything connected to the wizarding world, however tangentially (there has been talk of photos of cats in wizard hats...) - they're blogging for First Book

hello! yoshi: here, there will be audio clips of movie dialogue (all his samples have totally stumped me so far); name that film, and there will be glorious prizes, all for Susan G. Komen for the Cure (a charity dedicated to the fight against breast cancer)

The Daily Bitch: a few days ago, she posted, "I have a pair of green flip-flops. I also have another pair of green flip-flops with tropical flowers on the insoles and "Corona" on the straps. I left the house this morning wearing one of each." A terrifically funny broad - I like her already, and not just because she's an Okie. She's blogging for United Cerebral Palsy.

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