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Monday, July 16, 2007


How did we not hear of this?

1. I'm hoping that the director is really angry about the cheeze-tastic voice-over.

2. This could be very good, or it could really, really, really suck.

3. The casting seems pretty good for the most part, though I must admit to being a little surprised to see Electro-Thief-Gunn's-Rebound Lady from Angel cast as Chloe.

4. Bonus points for using the New Pornographers in the trailer.


mary_m said...

I haven't listened to it with the sound on yet (I'm at work), but I agree with all the casting except for the actors playing Oscar and Chloe.

In the book, Oscar is a recovered heroin addict, tough, punk rock jock. Here, he looks like he belongs in a Gap ad. And Chloe is supposed to look kind of edgy and punk rock, too, not like a hippie. And a very clean-cut hippie at that.

I need some time to make my peace with this.

Ang said...

Ooh, I really really hope it's good.