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Sunday, July 29, 2007

You Are All Winners!

I loved this picture of George Ohr, the Mad Potter of Biloxi, so much that I thought it needed to make a second appearance. This seemed as good a time as any.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our contests! Over the 24 hours of straight posting, blog comments were like an oasis in the desert. But contest entry comments were like an oasis that served martinis and snack mix. Everyone's entries were terrific, and reading them was really a highlight of our day.

The winners of the This Book Is For You Blogathon Contests are....:

The Eugene Walter Doggerel Prize: Jeremy!
The Rickey & G-Man Soul Food Cook-Off: Kim!
The Patterson Hood Southern Song Lyric Contest: John! Or as I know him, Dad!*
The Everette Maddox 14th Way of Looking at a Possum Contest: Pat and Bob Woolf!

Jeremy wins the highly entertaining first edition of Party Fare (1960); Kim wins the Glamour Magazine After Five Cookbook (1952), along with fancy pants recipe cards of selected entries; Dad wins the pulp magazines; and Pat and Bob get the first edition of Tennessee Williams's Memoirs.

Also, if the person who wrote the Plaquemine possum post wants to speak up, we'd like to send you a little something, too.

Thanks everybody! One more post - I think I can do that.
* I know, I know... giving the prize to my own dad. But there were only three entries, and we knew all three people. Plus, the man did *research* with dates and stuff!


Gwen said...

I had these visions of being an amazing friend who got up every hour and checked how you were doing, but it turns out I don't like you that much. But woo hoo! (Or as Potts would say, Woot!) Well done!

Brady said...

For reals - those entries were great. I think each of those stanzas for the Maddox poem should be collected into a sequel.

Brady said...

Except Gwen's.

Larry said...

I'm just checking in now... congrats!

Jaynee said...

I agree with brady - the blogathon was a LOT of fun - you had some great content, and it made it a pleasure to be your monitor!!

amy said...

Congratulations Mary & Brady!!! Just a few minutes left - You did great!!!