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Saturday, July 28, 2007

State of the Blog and of the Bloggers

Potts is making progress on his song, although he's torn up the house in the process. As we speak, there's a snare drum in the middle of the dining room floor, guitar cases everywhere, and our boy from Bammy is sitting in the shower recording vocals because the acoustics are good.

Still, I think he may just finish the thing.

We've passed the $2000 mark on our sponsorships - wow! I'm in awe. Thank you all so much for your generous pledges!

And I wanted to clarify the rules on Brady's contest, as I have received a few complaints that they are too hard. Blame Potts and his fancy, wordy wording. Sigh... boys.

The Eugene Walter Memorial Doggerel Contest:
Rules: Compose a couple or a few lines of nonsense/less-than-serious verse. Verse, as the back jacket of one of Eugene's poetry collections puts it, that is "satirical, lyrical, comical, paradoxical, dipsical, doksical, hortatory, plumatory, amatory, bibliophilic, astrophilic, botanophilic, ailerophilic, gustatory, fun-cranky, and whoopsical". Post 'em in the comments.

Difficulty: No limericks.
Prize: a first edition of Party Fare by Victor MacClure, published 1960; it's one of those entertaining guides that mostly contains recipes for wild cocktails and punches, and no solid food more complicated than a cheese plate - fun reading!

The Patterson Hood Southern Song Lyrics Contest:
Rules: Post your favorite lyrics by any artist or band from the South - blues, jazz, country, southern rock, soul, gospel, you name it.

Difficulty: No Drive-By Truckers or John Murry
Prize: two pulp magazines; a 1952 issue of Fantastic featuring, oddly, a short story by Truman Capote and the 1946 Avon Annual, 15 Great Stories of Today, including stories by Dorothy Parker, Dashiell Hammett, and Ernest Hemingway.

Enter away, boys and girls!


Jaynee said...

Hey congrats on passing $2K in sponsorships! That's awesome!!

mary_m said...

Thanks Jaynee!