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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mary Has Bad Taste

In a sure sign of blogging-induced fatigue, I am now going to deviate from the post I had planned in order to pose the following question.

Ever read a book that you thought was, say, very good, and your spouse/s.o./best friend/readin' buddy thought it was dullsville/crapola/otherwise without merit?

Mary and I go back and forth on a number of things like this, i.e. "Spoon: superb crafters of pop goodness or one-trick ponies whose trick is getting old?" or our long-running "Which is the better Replacements album: Tim or Pleased to Meet Me" debate.

(Mary says Tim, and she is wrong, wrong wrong.)

Getting back on track, our next book is one of those divisive little texts; I dug it quite a bit, Mary just couldn't get into it. But I want to plug it anyway. Michael Knight's Divining Rod.*

Knight reminds me of a suburban Tim Gatreaux, if that makes any sense to you. (If it doesn't, go read some Tim Gatreaux, dangit!)

I'd say more, but, er...out of time.

* Also, I think I went to school with the guy for a year when he was in high school and I was in the 6th grade, or something like that.


Brady said...

See, this is the trouble I get up to when Mary's out picking up Indian food.

Anyway, to quickly wrap up, though the story of Knight's novel is nothing earth-shattering (adultery + gun = murder) it's the telling of it that I enjoyed. Not only in terms of the specifics of the plot or characters, but simply the writing/prose style. It seems pretty plain, even nondescript, but it's full of nice little touches that make it a joy to read. I've read it probably three times.

Mary thinks its boring.

mary_m said...

I leave the house for fifteen minutes to get bad Indian food, and I come back to find my honor has been impugned.


brady said...

Love ya sug!


Pleased to Meet Me, really.

Gwen said...

Well...does it count that Abby, Emily and I used to have arguments about which of you two (that is, Mary and Brady) was cooler? I won't say who won...but Brady, Emily is your only friend.

Gwen said...

Actually, I guess we weren't saying either of you sucked, only that one of you was a wee bit cooler than the other. So that' not really the same at all.