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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Summer Vacation

I'm taking this week off to catch up on my backlog of reading, and to get a good toehold in on the writing stuff I've been working on.

When some friends of mine were expecting, they referred to their unborn child as "Cletus the Fetus" in the early months. I think I will refer to my novel as Cletus for now, which is not to equate writing with giving birth.

Cletus now has a complete plot outline that I like, and several pages written. I'm setting a goal of 10 pages a week, which is modest, but reasonable, I think.

I'm not writing it from start to finish, but kind of skipping around on the outline. Is that weird?

Anyhow, in my absence, here are a few links to keep you amused on the internets.

I Can Has Cheezburger?: Snarkier than Cute Overload, and cuter than Kitten War (Is it just me, or are the kittens there just not cute anymore? Or kittens, for that matter.)

Supporting Actress Sundays: A grand, monthly series of smackdowns between the Oscar nominees for Best Supporting Actress over the years; this month, 1988. You can also check out the grisly process here.

The Mooning of Amtrak: Rumor has it that if you go to Orange County on July 14, you will see a lot of trains and ass (semi-SFW).

Librarians are hip!: The NYT should have known that all us librarians with our crazy newspaper databases would quickly figure out that they ran a virtually identical article on August 23, 2001. Still, my favorite part of this most recent article is the woman who says she was surprised to find that the people who chose to go into librarianship were "smart, well-read, interesting, funny people." Who would ever suspect that librarians were smart and well-read? Granted, only some of us are interesting and funny.

Be well. See you next week.


Sally J. said...

I sent you a couple mixtapes via the HuzzExpress (me to Joe to Brady to your bad self.) They are thank you gifts for your super excellent book recommendations. Have I mentioned yet that I want to adopt Hassan from Katherines as my new best friend?

Enjoy your week off, Mary!

mary_m said...

Brady told me he had some prizes from you - I can't wait to see what they are tonight!

Thanks so much, Sally. You're a gem.