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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Prizes, Fabulous Prizes!!!

The halfway point! Huzzah!!

So, true to form, Mary's Soul Food and Possum contests are coming along nicely, while neither of mine has any entries.

Fine. Be that way.

Or don't! Plenty of time still left for those who want to win all sorts of interesting prizes. Look to the menu bar to your right...thar they blow, ahyarrrr.

In other news. . .

Blogathon 2007 has surpassed the $100,000 mark overall. I hear the kids these days say "Woot!" in such circumstances, but what do I know? Woot!
We have procured Indian food. It is...adequate.
Song progress: Bass part was a booger, but it's down on tape now. It's starting to shape up into something like a weird Everly Bros. tune they did after a few too many hard ciders down at the drive-in. I was going for, like, lo-fi zydeco but that's what came out. Huh.
We at TBIFY have just about broken $2,000 for the ALA Relief Fund. Assuming we finish.

Coming later: more book reviews, more shenanigans, jazz bands, the Secret History of Mardi Gras, and more. Stay tuned...we're not going anywhere.


Comrade Dave said...

My brother and I tried to find reasonably priced Indian food when we were down in Chicago last week. Surprise, surprise - nothing in Chicago is reasonably priced, so we went without.

I miss Curry & Hurry...

KHD said...

Brady, I love know that right? But I am absolutely devoid of the talent that it would take to compete in your contests. Maybe other people feel the same way.